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It will include: Guide, accommodation, food, donkey and donkey man.

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Adigrat –  AGORO LODGE TO ANAF (3 HRS, 3000 M)
Accommodation: Anaf Guesthouse
Meals Included: LD
Transport: donkey for bag
Day Notes: Flat walking at the beginning from Agoro and then begin ascent for about 600 meters before arriving at the flats with a trail to Anaf Guesthouse.  About 3000 m. and 3 hrs trek.

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ANAF TO ERAR (6-7) HRS, 2800 M)
Accommodation: Erar Guesthouse
Meals Included: BLD
Transport: donkey for bag
Day Notes: Trek across the big Valley of Gohagot on the way experiencing the daily activities of farmers. Overnight at Erar Community Guest House. Here you have chance to see geladas.

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Accommodation: Erar Guesthouse
Meals Included: BLD
Transport: donkey for bag
Day Notes: After breakfast walk the escarpment for awhile before gently descending to the beautiful Valley of Degamba Village. Ascend again visiting Mariam Buzuhan rock hewn church and a very old manmade rock tunnel on the way.  Overnight at Shimbreyti Community Guest house. While here, make sure to search for the resident Gelada baboons.

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Accommodation: Gheralta Lodge (not included)
Meals Included: B
Transport: Transfer by minivan
Day Notes: After breakfast, trek for two to three hrs, first descending from the mountain to the flats of the valley where the trail takes you through rural villages before meeting your pickup vehicle. Drive for about an hour to Gheralta. After lunch discuss with your local guide an afternoon excursion to visit Maryam Korkor or Abuna Yemata rock-hewn church. Cost will be $ 65 per person per day.

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