We driver from Gondar to Ambrass (3850m) from where we hike for about 3-4 hours via Enatye (4070m) to Chennek.  The hike, through spectacular scenery, should take round 3-4 hours.  Chennek is in a beautiful setting and is a wildlife hotspot with high chance of seeing large numbers of baboons in and around camp and also walia ibex grazing, mock fighting or simply lying on a rock soaking up some sun a short walk from your tent.  Overnight at Chennek camp (3600m)

From Chennek to Ambiko via 4200m Buwhit Pass.  We have the chance to see the magnificent walia ibex and possibly the endemic, but rare, Simien wolf.  Lovely views along the way as we descend to the Mesha river at 2750m before climbing again to Ambiko.  Overnight Ambiko camp (2750m)

Today we head for the 4533m Ras Dejen.  It’s a full day with the 1343m of ascent taking around 5 hours before we stand on the summit of one of Africa’s highest mountains and the highest point in Ethiopia.  Descent back to camp taks around 3-4 hours and, while challenging, the day is not too  hard for fit and experienced hikers.   Overnight Ambiko camp (2750m)

From Ambiko we return to Chennek – day 2 in reverse.

Option 1: Overnight at Chennek

Option 2: Drive back to Gondar the same day.

For Adventurous and Experienced Hikers only!

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