Coffee from Ethiopia is known for its bright fruited and floral flavors. These coffees typically have a higher acidity, light to medium body, and complex flavor notes. The beans are either washed or naturally processed. The processing method used has a huge impact on the final taste of the coffee.[vc_column h_text_align=”left” h_text_align_mobile=”left-on-mobile” v_align=”v-align-middle” width=”2/3″]Addis Ababa

Hotel Addis Ababa (Upgrade 3 stars or 4 stars) Arrival in Addis in the morning at Bole Airport, transfer to hotel. Visit Addis Ababa: Tomoca coffee shop (Piazza), Kaldis Coffee Shops, and Mercato/Entoto Mountains. If time permits, add the national museum or one of its beautiful churches (St-George Cathedral, Holy Trinity church, or Bole Medhane Alem Cathedral). In the evening traditional dinner in the Cultural Restaurant.Addis Ababa – Jimma

350 km | Hotel Jimma (Central Jimma Hotel or SFY Hotel Leave Addis and drive to Jimma, 350 km drive from Addis. Lunch on the way, Welkite for example.
Stop in Jimma for Coffee Statue.Jimma – Limu Kossa – Jimma – Mizan Teferi – Bebeka

Jimma – Mizan Teferi: 160 km, Mizan Teferi – Bebeka: 30 km | Bebeka Coffee Guest House or Hotel Mizan Teferi (Salayish) In the morning visit Limu Kossa Coffee Plantation. Drive back to Jimma for lunch. If time permits visit Jimma Agricultural Research Center (Jarco). Drive to Mizan Teferi by Bongo and Wush Wush Tea Estate.
Either spend the night in Bebeka or in Mizan Teferi.Bebeka

Guest House of Hotel Mizan Teferi (Salayish) Visit the largest and oldest coffee estate in Ethiopia, Bebeka, recently taken over by the Midroc Group.Bebeka – Tepi – Bebeka

Bebeka Guest House of Hotel Mizan Teferi (Salayish) Today drive to Tepi to visit the Coffee Plantation of Tepi. Lunch in Tepi Guesthouse close to the Estate.
Return to Bebeka or MizanBebeka/Mizan Teferi – Sodo

Bekelle Molla Hotel – Sodo Visit of the Karo people.
Camping in Murulle.Sodo-Yirga Alem

Aregash Lodge – Yirga Alem Via Boditi, Shashemene, and Awasa travel to Yirga Alem, in the Sidama region. Stay in Aregash Lodge. The rest of the day can be spent on walks and a traditional coffee ceremony or visit in the area to see coffee farmers.Yirga Alem

Aregash Lodge – Yirga Alem Visit of Sidamo coffee region: Cola washing station & Efico Foundation projectYirga Alem – Yirga Chefe – Yirga Alem

Aregash Lodge – Yirga Alem Drive more south to visit coffee plantations, and coffee union projects in Yirga Cheffe. Visit Manchiti Rock Engravings on the way close to Dilla.
Return to Yirga Alem in the evening.Yirga Alem – Addis

Hotel Addis Ababa (Upgrade 3-star or 4-star) Drive back to Addis. Stop for Oromo graves and lunch in Zway, and see waterbirds on the Zway lake.
Visit Dry Mills Kuru.[vc_column h_text_align=”left” h_text_align_mobile=”left-on-mobile” v_align=”v-align-middle” width=”1/3″]

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